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Technic Ethereal Server

The TechEth server is the newest Minetestserver by the World of Illuna.
It is featuring Technic - and related Mods and a modified and extended version of the popular Ethereal mod.

VIP World

The “VIP World” was the (first) final world of the Illuna project.
It always stands and stood for an open but secure world without any disturbing areas or protection restrictions.


General discussions

Show your Buildings

Share your awesome buildings with the World!


Share some cool screenshots with your community.
This category is hidden from public.

Wiki (general)

If your trust-level is heigh enough or you are in the VIP group, you'll see an option to edit the specific Wiki-post.
When you're done with the edit, at least the author gets notified about your edit.
He/She (or even you?) FIXME can review your changes and can decide if your commit stays or should be reverted,
this means, if you did something wrong, no need to correct it by hand - it is two clicks away.

Site Feedback

Discussion about this site, its organization, how it works, and how we can improve it.


Something you won't work as expected and it is not on the serverside?
Use this category to get support!

Videos about Illuna

This categorie gives you a place for your Video reviews and LetsPlays on the Illuna Minetestserver.
The best videos will be honored with donorcoins.