The last Week in Illuna #1


Hey partypeople, it鈥檚 been a while since our latest weekly updates.
I will try to make this a regular thing again.

To make it more interesting, i will try to do those summaries as videos now.
Sorry that my voice is a bit evenly but pronouncing the words was very challenging. :wink:

To note is that these updates mainly affect the TechEth server for now.


1st time I hear your voice :slight_smile:


Nice done!
Nice voice tone (much better than my own :slight_smile:
Lots of informations. Showing good progress on the server.
Looking forward to see more :wink:


Nicely done, good job on your English and your voice is pleasant to listen to :slight_smile:

Maybe we could also post it in the video section in the Minetest forum to gain some popularity.

PS.:Thank you Milan for all your bug fixes lately, great job :slight_smile:


i hear your voice first time, and funny that able to hear out your germany language :smiley: +1 thanks for keeping up illuna and etc. !