The Loud Walking Server


I’m missing papyrus. Has anyone found some?


@dotti said:
I’m missing papyrus. Has anyone found some?

No, and I’ve been on many pods, but if I find some, I’ll let you know


Moretrees is now disabled. If you run in unknown nodes, please try to don’t dig them, use the node replacement tool for example instead.

This action is motivated by the latest comments in the mentioned issue.


Spawnpoint has been updated.
This is made to ensure new players see the way out of the base and maybe also the biopods next to the base.


Excellent idea, well done guys!


Increased max players to 22.


Looks like the pods are way bigger after switching to the recommed branch of the mod.
Yay or Nay?


Nay! I like the normal size.


Yay Bigger is better!


Well, it will be configurable in some days as the developer answered…i wonder what we’ll do until then since the current branch is more stable and not everyone likes it… :confused:


I agree with @dotti - Too big. Sorry @snowmann . I suppose they could be a bit larger, but I like them as is. If the update fixes a lot of bugs, then maybe the update might be good. If the update will be configurable, then can you configure the worlds to be the same size? With the update, what is the distance between pods? Is the distance increase? If so, what will be the rule for calculating distances between pods? If very many players want bigger pods, then maybe a smaller increase (10 to 20 percent) in size might be okay, but the screenshot looks more like a small planet instead of a pod. I like pods.


Its not that big, but it offers building flexibility whereas the small pods limit creative expression because your space is limited.


If we keep the small ones can we be be given the ability to claim/ protect at least 4 pods?


@snowmann said:
If we keep the small ones can we be be given the ability to claim/ protect at least 4 pods?

Considering how big the world is, I think this is a reasonable suggestion. As we get more players, we could have a TravelNet network to link the central stations, so new players could more easily reach the outer uninhabited pod. I doubt we will ever run out of enough pods for any who want to play.

On a related note, does anyone know how far apart the vertical “Y” axis’ are? Is it specified in the map gen config file?


Today i switched back to the master branch for several reasons.
I am deleting those big big pod since a few minutes.

Oh, by the way, the craftable steaks from the mushroomheads are compatible with hunger since yesterday.
I will increase the claimlimit to 4.


@Milan thank you for all you have done to continue to make Illuna a wonderful and fun experience - I cannot thank you enough. I am enjoying the Podworld immensely as I do the Illuna world. You’re friendship and that of the other players make the Illuna experience even more fun. =)
Thank you,


yay ??
i dont know …
i am playing illluna instead :smiley:


The news are from now on part of the regular news.

Player huy was banned for griefing.


Well, the modwriter doesn’t make it that simple to update…


maybe, we can use “area protection” mod to automaticly set the “owner” of a pod when we click on a special block.
we can set a time period to clean “owner” if he don’t connected since…
I can write this mod if you are interesting…

I think, its not a good idea to share inventory between pod & illuna…
It can be right illuna to pod…
but its a more easy way to get important resource into pod than into illuna…
and so, I ear that technic mod is avaible in the podworld.
with technic mod, we can “multiply” the resource (with grinder)…
and some resource aren’t avaible into illuna (uranium ?)