The Minetest Cinematic Series [Vote For Your Favorite Builds!]



The Minetest Cinematic Series is my own saga of videos about various servers and mapgens, and I believe Illuna deserves the next episode :grinning:
So I would like the community’s feedback in preparation for it!

Firstly about whether it should be on TechEth, VIP, or both?

  • TechEth
  • VIP
  • Both

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Secondly, please post the best builds down below (favoring builds already posted rather than reposting them please) and I will use that to help guide what shows up in the video! Please note that there is only so much time in the video, so the number of things shown will be smaller than what is posted, let alone recorded. That being said, I will do my best to show the greatest Illuna has to offer :smile:


When I get home I will post some images and a listing of some of my builds and some others that I really like. In my opinion it would be good if you could get fly permissions for some builds to better review them ^^


A list of builds that I could recommend on the VIP server:

There is many more builds especially in @ClaudiusMinimus Terra Nova Project where you can find a lot of greek builds or the little medieval village of the King Arthur guys.

Builds by me:

I hope others will also point out some nice builds.
Btw did you already go on an exploration trip? :slight_smile:


I started to look around a bit, but it’s difficult when you don’t have interact yet :stuck_out_tongue:

10 builds in a day though, I’ll have way more than I need at that rate :smiley: Will have to set some time aside to record soon, likely sometime next week.


Elvas has been updated in the near half year :wink: it now looks like this :


The first draft is rendering, the final version will hopefully be uploaded in no more than a few days :stuck_out_tongue:


Video published, first post updated :smiley: