Update Collection #3 - Fighting the Groundwalk


It鈥檚 time for a new update collection!
Sorry but right now it is not possible to keep up with weekly updates.

List of updates:

  • removed basic_buttons from craftguide
  • many mobs&monsters do drop bones now
  • douglasie leaves are now climbable and douglasie wood got the missing recipe :roll_eyes:
  • groundwalking of players has been fixed
  • illuna notes are a bit enhanced in terms of grammar, textstyle and formatting
  • missing note about customskins (as known from the vip world) is now there

Not in the mood for reading all this? Watch the video:

Huge thanks to bubsen who helped me with the groundwalking scenes, he is a great actor!


Yeah! Thanks a lot for fixing this annoying ground-walking bug!
And for all your great work anyway!!!


looking good! i鈥檝e noticed a bunch of stuff