Update Collection #4 - Caves On Fire


This happened in 19 days on Illuna.
As promised, this time all our three worlds received updates.

See the updates in action:

Yes, here and there are some expression mistakes,
I noticed them when i was editing the audio but didn’t
risk the mood this was recorded in so i used it for the video anyway. :3

Get a detailed list below:


  • enable Minimap
    We allow nametages per player anyway.

  • replace apples with fern tubers


  • /skybox works without specific priv now

TechEth, VIP

  • make fire last longer
  • colorize death messages and replace # Illuna-Notes with Unicode Symbol
  • lower exhaustion rate

TechEth, VIP, CTF

  • overhaul join/leave messages

    • colorize
    • use unicode at the beginning
    • randomize each in two parts like ➡ [random] joined the game. [random]
      Example: Hooray! Passant joined the game! Hide your bananas!
  • add some color to irc and tweak some messages

Minetest Forum Thread : TechEth

  • Replace the single-image with proper thread content

Player Highlights

  • @ClaudiusMinimus was seen after a long time.
    We’re happy he’s doing well and may visits us more often in the future again.

  • @Iska was seen after a very long time too,
    glad having you back, Iska!



How long do I have to stay away until you mention me? ^^


Who are you? :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice update Milan :slight_smile: