What are your wishes for 12018?


This year was great!

TechEth was born after months of work under the hood and inside the world.
Most of tasks for this server are already done and i am proud to say that a very unique world was created.
Many awesome builders helped building an amazing spawncastle,
while there is still some work to do, most parts already available for you players.
We even started a little sideproject, a little Capture the Flag server using our special worldsettings
from TechEth and featuring our lovely custom Redwood forest.

In summary i think we can be very proud of what we have done this year.

What would you love to see on Illuna next year?

Our idea and todo lists are still quite big but this is mostly our stuff - players, it’s your turn!
What is Illuna lacking the most? What would be an outstanding enhancement?
How would we improve the most in your eyes?

Is 12018 a typo?

Thank you for being part of Illuna.


TechEth looks amazing. I was on for a bit this evening on both TechEth and VIP, and I hope to be back soon. Regarding a wish list: Are you still thinking about a Minecraft server? If so, I have been working on a 1.12.2 mod pack that I may put on https://minecraft.curseforge.com/modpacks if anyone is interested.

BTW: 2018 is the year I go by, as it is based on the 2018th year of our Lord


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  1. Thank you for all your great work in 2017 (and before), Milan!

  2. Thanks for the opportunity to tell “new” wishes - i might need some time to create a list with a reasonable priority :wink:

  3. I have one wish regarding the Illuna forum and its lack of a “clear overview” about the servers “open issues” or in this case “player wishes” …

I know there is the kanban board @ https://tree.tchncs.de/ … but i am afraid this is not meant to be public, is it?
If yes … there should be an easy to see link in the forum start page (and an explanation for its usage maybe) .
If not… could you create something similar for “player wishes” (especially regarding mods /their “customization” )? One point is mandatory imo: every interested person needs to be able to interact with the “list” and rate existing wishes , so a ranking will be created by the players…


Yea i am still unable to form a decision, it is also a problem if time as well as such a thing needs to be planned, prepared and promoted.

What i already do here and there is already quite timeconsuming so yea… will see but i’ll keep this in mind, thank you.


I watched that video too, i found it very interesting. I watch their videos very often. I have not went to the CTF server, i will go visit it.


12018 years ? When the human as he is now is actually 250 000 years old according to its DNA. So yeah I think humans were at least once, if not several times as advanced as we are today if not even further. I also don’t believe that they achieved a higher precision with stone/copper tools than we are with cnc machines on statues that are several meters high and made of a material harder than granite. Same material as this one https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_9zoSmIkJxw
This one is also interesting because the weight is ~100 tons and was carried into this tunnel. My question is how, when even we can’t do it with “modern” tech. And it probably wasn’t even done by the Egyptians but some older advanced civilisation. The only thing that was done by the Egyptians are the bad quality carvings on it ^^

Edit: I think the material of the statue was an 8 on this scale http://www.marble-granites.com/resource-center/stone-selection/granite/moh's-scale-of-hardness.aspx

I guess what I want to say is that the history we learn in school and mainstream media is a joke and don’t even get me started on religion (sorry Claudius ^^ ).

Unfortunately there is also a lot of crap on the internet from stupid people may it be on purpose or because they usually don’t get their facts straight. So it always takes quiet long to make sure that the information is correct.


your totally right :'D

i dont realy understand why we entered into a “new” technic age or something :stuck_out_tongue: others say we are in the “future age” and others a lot different … i think we are in the “how to wreck our planet live showcase” age :slight_smile:


I totally agree on that one :slight_smile:


I think people should think better than saying things like “wreck our planet” or “save our planet”. First, the planet is not ours, but that’s my point of view. Second, and that is a fact, it is about “wrecking ourselves” or “saving ourselves”, really. Considering the human race could wreck or save the planet Earth, as we call it, is boastful and arrogant. Psychologically, it is more comfortable to talk about “the planet” rather than admit WE are wrecking OURSELVES, and need to save OURSELVES. But that’s no excuse. If I may say so, planet Earth doesn’t give a :poop: about the human race :wink:


actually your totally right. but i think, if we continue our business, we CAN get end to life on Earth :smiley:


No. I think mankind lacks the means of endling life on earth. Even with 20.000 nuclear bombs. Earth and life will survive humanity.


:ok_hand: well sayd…